OmahForex Blog Company News The Winners XM Lucky Draw Part II

The Winners XM Lucky Draw Part II

Dear clients,

The following are the winners of the XM lucky draw Part II promo, namely:

  1. 1st winner: Account No. 53090425 with $100 cash prize
  2. 2nd winner: Account No. 38141857 with $75 cash prize
  3. 3rd winner: Account No. 31148315 with $25 cash prize
  4. 4th winner: Account No 52111592 with $25 cash prize
  5. 5th winner: Account No. 21108265 with $25 cash prize
  6. 6th winner: Account No. 54082673 with $25 cash prize
  7. 7th winner: Account No. 48021531 with $25 cash prize

the prize will be transferred to the winner’s trading account and can be withdrawn or used for trading.

the following video of the raffle made by the application:

Congratulations to all winners and always success with OmahForex and XM,



OmahForex team